World of Tanks

A MMORPG game for tanks development and fighting.

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Product Description

World of Tanks’ main objective is to capture the flag. You will have available 6 classes of tank, such as Light, Heavy and Destroyers from counties like USSR, Germany and USA. In each battle you will get experience to invest on research for tank improvement and getting new ones.

Every battle lasts 15 minutes in World of Tanks or until one time captures the flag. If you tanks results destroyed, you can re spawn, you will have to leave the game and re enter with a different tank without losing your experience points. 

Lots of FPS games includes tanks, and there exist platform games with tanks, but World of Tanks is the only one where you can experience the driving in first person, and that is why is so great an original. Is not exactly easy to use, the more experience your enemies have, more difficult will be to play, but  it’s absolutely fun and a challenge with awesome design and HD textures.