Titanfall is an online multiplayer FPS where you can fight as a soldier or as a Titan.

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Product Description

Titanfall  is technically brilliant, with well-balanced gameplay that brings a breath of fresh air to the shooter genre without resorting to any crazy new features.

Titanfall  takes place in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi situation, in a part of the universe called The Frontier, where two factions, the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) and the Militia, are fighting each other.

You can play as a pilot, or more precisely, a soldier at the helm of a Titan. Pilots are extremely agile, with the ability to walk on walls, jump from one wall to another or climb them, as well as having a jetpack that allows them to jump higher. There are several classes and each has three weapons, including an anti-Titan one. A special move will also make you invisible for a few seconds.

You’ll start as a soldier before you can control a Titan. You need to collect a certain number of points before you can call one of these robots, who will literally fall from heaven.

In contrast to the pilots, Titans are extremely powerful and resilient, but also slower. These robots can attract the blows of the enemy and then shoot them back. They can’t jump, but can kick back a limited number of times thanks to their engines. In Titanfall  there are also some NPCs (computer controlled, non-player characters) in the guise of ordinary soldiers, which can help guide you to the action.

Titanfall  has two main parts: Campaign and Classic. Both are multiplayer, and the difference between the two is not clear, except that in the first the series of battles in which we take part is predetermined and there are some cut scenes.

In the Classic part, there are five different game modes, plus one that includes all of them in a random order: Attrition, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter. All game modes are multiplayer.

Titanfall  has really spectacular graphics which justify the fact that the game has high technical requirements. The level of detail found in the landscapes and robots, as well as the dramatic way the titans fall from the sky, are real gems that should be appreciated by both gaming connoisseurs and newbies.

Titanfall  is a title that manages to bring some originality into the monotonous shooter genre without necessarily innovating. One of the things we enjoyed the most is the battle balance and variety, as well as the dynamism that comes from the continuous transition from pilot to Titan. On the downside, the game lacks originality in its gameplay, and we believe the Campaign mode is redundant and almost identical to all classic multiplayer games.