Safari brings you all-new ways to find and enjoy the best of the web.

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Product Description

Safari is Apple’s famous browser that offers a unique design, delivering a wonderful browsing experience for users by viewing multiple web pages in the same interface. With the drag and drop method you can rearrange the tabs in any order you want, as well as opening a new tab by double-clicking on the bar. Download it for free!

Brief description 

With a simple, elegant interface, the Safari browser gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the Web. It is a remarkable way for Windows users to take a bite of the highly acclaimed Apple since, as a Web browser, Safari can only be so different from the Big Three; IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Its page layout shows how much Web browser functionality dictates form these days. It bears a plain but clean and intuitive design, with many similarities to other popular browsers as well as some differences.

Greatest features

When you open a new tab the browser displays a list of the most visited websites with a thumbnail preview and a short description. This list is built based on your browsing habits and generated automatically by the browser but you can change it by pinning certain sites and rearranging the thumbnails in order to suit your needs.
The browser includes a RSS reader that can change your opinion about reading articles on the Internet. If you are browsing a page that has a RSS feed, the browser displays a RSS button in the address bar. With one click on the button you can view the list of articles and sort them by date or title.
If you find an interesting article you do not have to read it right away. You can just add in to the browser’s reading list and access them later. The built in Reader enables you to strip a website article of all the ads or banners and display only the text and images that are related with the main news. Thus you can read without anything to distract your attention.

The Windows version has a smart and attractive interface, at the same time it is quite fast and compliant. You can share anything you find on the web without actually leaving the browser. You simply have to click the Share button and that’s it!


All in all, Safari was designed to accentuate the browsing experience and not the browser itself. It portrays itself as a magnificent browser which guarantees its users a great time navigating through Internet.