Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action role playing game (RPG) set in a fantasy world.

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Product Description

In Path of Exile, the player starts waking up on the shores of Wraeclast, a remote continent and criminal colony. You must face the dangerous wilderness with its dangerous inhabitants and join together with other outcasts to survive.

Given its initial similarities to the Diablo series, it’s no surprise that Path of Exile‘s players so frequently compare it to Diablo III, a game they treat with much disdain. This always-online game’s chat channels are often filled with statements like “This is the sequel to Diablo II I always wanted,” and developer Grinding Gear Games clearly looked to Blizzard’s classic for inspiration: the dark and arcane continent of Wraeclast recalls Sanctuary’s murkiest regions, and the skeletons and wildlife you encounter in the early hours are much like the foes you manically clicked on years ago.

Path of Exile knows exactly what action RPGs are all about: the gear, the rewards and the endless recombining of these items as you hone an ever more effective killing machine. In the same way that sharks have evolved over millions of years to become deadly predators, ARPG characters are progressively sharpened by their owners over hundreds of hours, transformed, item by item, stat by stat, into magnificent murderers.

The most destacable characteristic of Path od Exiles is the Skill Tree. No matter wich character you choose, you will have the chance to enhace it in several different skills shares with other characters. As you start leveling up you will find almost infinite convinations to improve you abilities, and one time you start to convine your obtained powers you will realize how muchs stronger you can be… As you move along you’ll get a rewarding feeling of power and you’ll motivation will keep increasing.

The developers have chosen to forgo in-game currency, encouraging players to barter, while vendors only offer further customisation tools as rewards. Try to trade something in and you’ll be presented with identify scrolls or fragments towards an orb that will modify something you already own. Players are trading all the time and the only problem you’ll have with it is keeping up with the chat log.